What is the motive in your life?

What is the motive in your life?

Now a days, most of us, think that success comes in a big peace into our life. But instead success comes in peaces into our life. Most people don’t have a formula for their problems. You want to get from one place to the other without suffering and expect to have success in your life without picking up the cross.

So what do we do? We pick up the pieces, develop a plan, and put the pieces together. Some might say that they don’t have enough money so they decide to go to school, which is a process that at the end will put you in a different place in your life.

So what to do? When you have a problem, work the pieces. Take it in small pieces and don’t dream of a big solution because that is most likely not going to happen. When you decide to work on your problems and you start to lay down the pieces, the biggest mistake that you could make is to start laying down the wrong pieces. When you are laying down a plan to solve an issue, make sure you don’t get distracted and get thrown off by a person, an issue, a relationship or spiritual warfare.

A person can have a strong passion to do the right thing, has a very clear, holy and righteous motive and then they can meet somebody. As you are laying down the pieces to develop a plan in your life, this distraction could make you get the wrong piece and this will change the course of your life.

We have been focus, we have been doing great, we were clear about the assignment but along the way we get manipulated by this distraction and they introduce a different set of values and priorities in your life.

Maybe you were married or in a relationship and all of a sudden you met this other person and now you’re not sure? Has this happen to you?

When you are succeeding in your plan, you become a target. As your motive is to spread the word of God and preach the gospel, you become more vulnerable. We must stay focus on the plan that we had lay down and stick to it. But as you are bringing glory to our Lord, we might be victims of this distractions.

Now you had a distraction in your life, which cause a change in your plan and now your life changes and often times we tend to focus on what the distraction did to you not on what we allow to happen. In order for you not to fall in this dirty plan from satan to get you off track, keep in mind this simple questions.

Be careful who you allow to override God’s will for your life.

Be careful when you allow someone to get into your life because you feel lonely, or you feel you have no friends. Maybe the lack of attention at home or the experimenting draws you into this distraction.

Some people are not thinking of you but just a moment of glory. 

They are not focus on you but themselves, on their needs, on their desires. They don’t care on the plan God have set up for you and the consequences of your distraction will bring into your life.

There is a story on 1 Kings 13 which explains how a young prophet was given a  commandment to follow and was given instructions on how to return back home but there was also an old prophet that heard about this young prophet prophesying the word of God to the king Jeroboam so he went and look for him. He lie to the young prophet about how to return back home. He told him that and angel of God has send him there to take him back home. He was not to eat or drink but to go back home in a different route and the young prophet believed him and fail to follow God’s commands. He was then kill as a punishment and the old prophet was not punished.

Is this fair? You are trying your best to fulfill the Lord’s plans and we allow a distraction to alter the plans. We get punish but how about the distraction? Well have you ever been the young prophet in your life and someone has taken advantage of you? Or have you ever been the old prophet and you have used others to your convenience making them stumble along the way?

Well my beloved brothers and sisters, I have been both in my life time. I have allowed distractions to get my focus off God’s plan and also there has been times when I don’t act mature enough to think about the other person’s feelings. We need to understand that there is one goal in this lifetime and is not about you all the time nor to fullfil your dreams and desires. People also have a plan in their life and we must ask ourself “are we the old prophet in their life?”

So what is your story? What have been your distractions in life? Has it been addictions, relationships, trouble forgiving, self focus? Whatever the distraction is you must repent and confess it to the Lord so your sins could be forgiven. Keep in mind that there is only one sin that will lead you to death and that is to not believe in the Son of God Jesus Christ.

Has this message touched you in any way? The love of our Heavenly Father could change hearts. Start the walk and make a change for youself and your family. Be the leader your family deserves. All you have to do is Surrender and make the decision to follow Christ and be ready to be use in a magnificent way to glorify the name of the Lord.

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7 responses to “What is the motive in your life?

  • Peter Guirguis (@petenaotg)

    My problem is that I have been focused on myself. If I am brutally honest, I have to say that I can many times be a selfish person. It’s all about me but then God reminds me that I have to put others before myself. If I want to be first, I must be last.

    Thanks for this great post Rigo 🙂

    • chr1stl1ke

      Amen brother. Thanks for sharing and as we dig dipper into ourselves, we find the little things that distract us from our calling and ones we find them, point them out, repent, forgive and then we’re free to move on and continue the walk. God bless you brother and wish you a very happy time with your family and friends.

  • LaShawn

    Great post… Made me think about some of the people in my life..

  • snenhlanhla khuzwayo

    Wow I’m touched and moved by this, such a great lesson learned. Bless you

  • writinggomer

    Excellent article, I have to agree with Peter…it is way to easy to focus on self. I need to be aware of the needs around me, and what it is God wants me to be about.

  • Gruumsh (@gruumsh)

    I think additions can be a distraction (they have been in the past for me). As can relationships, when both partners are not focused on the same thing (Jesus). I’m reminded of what Pastor Steve said about when he met his wife and they both said that they loved Jesus more. How to balance that with our families being our FIRST ministries? I sometimes wonder what happened to the Apostle Paul… after all, he started off as a Pharisee, and one of the requirements of that sect was that he had to be married. But then he writes something like http://esv.to/1Co9.5

    I think too that distractions definitely are the work of the Enemy… He sends us not only hardships to overcome but pleasant things that we wish and long for, to steer us away from anything that would cause him to lose those souls that he is so eager to harvest. If our actions are likely to take those away from him, then he WILL come against us. One reason we must always keep each other in prayer as we fulfill this mission, this calling.

    I get the feeling there will be a BIG distraction coming my way, and soon. And perhaps if I handle it right, with wisdom and prayer and His strength, God will turn it into a blessing instead.

  • Caprila

    Distractions can be sneaky. Because sometimes it involves self satisfaction it can just creep into your life, and that’s where your relationship with God comes in to be able to discern whether this distraction is going to steer you away from God.

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