Yahweh is my God! Jesus is my savior! Living by Faith and Spreading the Gospel of Jesus!
I am a New Born Jesus Lover! 2007 was the magical year where my eyes where open and my heart was broken in pieces..enough pain to let my Jesus come into my heart. Never understood the true meaning of love and need of agape Love. My wife had been praying for my change for 11 years that led to 3 wonderful kids and a marriage that was only held by my wife’s hope of a change in my life and heart. Finally her prayers were answer and my change happen with a near divorce.. Never understood her feelings, never care about her needs until the day that the blood of Jesus save me from my self destruction and lost life. Now I live for Him. My life is Him. My change came a bit too late for my marriage to stay alive and I have struggle like no other. Praying to my Lord to give me and show me patience. I am living what she lived for 11 years. I keep praying and staying together for Christ. My heart is all for Yahweh, my love is for my God and family. I am a sinner that was saved by the grace of our God. I look forward for God’s guidance and to show me what’s next for my life. The past is gone and the new me was born in 2007. I am sorry for anyone if I made them suffer in any way! Jesus has redeem me from my past and have wipe my sins with His blood. I have nothing else to give to others than Love!  I am here to encourage others to share the gospel. I am not looking for anything else than to share the gospel here. know that I am here to bring any spiritual support that you may need, prayer, advice, or if you need someone to vent to. Don’t take it wrong but I am here for Jesus. Not to date anyone. I will share my experience with anyone that is struggling. I will share bible scriptures and you’re welcome to comment or share them thru your social media networks. The main reason is to spread the gospel and our experiences to the world. To prevent others from making the same mistakes that we did. So your life and marriage could be saved. I pray for everyone to understand that in a family or a relationship, God has to be the center piece! Everyone should love God and respect his commands. Only then you will have a bless life and the trials of life will drop from you like water. God bless you all my friends here and keep sharing and motivate others to attend a local church to get fed the word. I pray for everyone in Jesus name!
For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith. This does not depend on anything you have achieved, it is the free gift of God; and because it is not earned no one can boast about it.

Ephesians 2:8–9

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4 responses to “About

  • Lady T

    Your testimony is heart-felt. My marriage failed also. I applaud you for openly sharing and using your trials to bless someone else. I have made it my mission to do the same. Not many people realize just how much the Bible has to say about marriage. God bless you and your work to promote healthy, thriving marriages.

  • George

    Love the wordpress site and the testimony. You are an inspiration! I followed a similar path, January 3, 2011 is my birth date even though I’m 47 flesh years old. You can check out my testimony at http://bandofbrothersdevotional.org if you are interested. May all the glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless my brother in Christ

  • snenhlanhla khuzwayo

    That’s a wonderful testimony on how God brought change in your life truly inspiring as a young women myself and a true believer in Lord Christ and the love He has for my life, I’m young and a newly wed and loving the path that God has commanded me to walk. Peace be unto you and may the one above be the Glory to all

  • kurt bennett

    “I pray for everyone to understand that in a family or a relationship, God has to be the center piece!”

    Amen to that! With God as the center, so many problems disappear. So many blessings are poured out.

    Great stuff Rigo.

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